~ The Family Album ~

I'm very fortunate to have a large collection of family photos.
These first few are among my favorites and over the next few months I hope to add many more.

Great great grandfather Ralph Owen, who emigrated from England to Trenton, NJ
and served as a private in the Union Army from 1861 to 1863.

Great grandmother Elizabeth Owen Wood. Family lore has it that her
father Ralph carried this portrait with him throughout the war.

My sweet granny, Isabel Wood as a young beauty.

Isabel & Herman Buri, my grandparents, around 1900,
possibly on their honeymoon in Atlantic City.

My great uncles, Emil & Emanual Buri, who both were artists and who
both died one bitter winter, when they were only in their early 20s.

My maternal grandparents Isabel Wood and Hermann Buri with their four children,
Ralph, Isabel, Herman and baby Maidie (Marion), my mother. Summer 1917.

My mother Marion Clara Buri Kumpf in about 1921 when she would
have been four or five years old. The photo was taken at the spring of the
house where I now reside, and which was then the home of
May and Effie Sinclair.

"Nana" Great grandmother Elizabeth Owen Wood (1850-1929) in 1924

The Buri family homestead, my maternal grandparents home, as it appeared in the 1920's.

Isabel in a model's pose and in the Sunday color gravure 1927

Papa Herman P. Buri with his sister Clara at her home in Switzerland 1928

Ralph in uniform, WWII

Isabel in the 1950s

Granny and Papa on their 50th wedding anniversary


Granny a short time before her death

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