~ The Family Album ~

The Kumpf Family

I'm very fortunate to have a large collection of family photos.
These first few are among my favorites and over the next few months I hope to add many more.

Great great grandmother Sophia Leonard Hassel, who descended from the
earliest English settlers in Massachusets

Great grandmother Mary Hassel Laubach

Grandmother Anna May Laubach as a lovely young woman

Anna May and Louis Kumpf, my paternal grandparents

Kumpf's hardware store in Mount Holly with the proprieters, my great uncles.

Hume Carter Kumpf

Front row: Uncle Lou, Grandma May, her parents Robert & Mary, Grandad Louis, & Hume
In the back rows are my many Kumpf great uncles and aunts.

Hume's high school graduation photo

The Kumpf brothers, Lou & Hume with their brides,
Katherine "Kap" Mendenhall and Maidie Buri